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  • Stance Wars Las Vegas 2017 (4K)   Krispy Media Stance Wars continues their 2017 tour with their return to The Boulder Station Casino 10 minutes off the Las Vegas strip. This was my second year attending their Vegas show and as always its such an awesome environment being able to see so many cars roll...

  • Schedule 10:30am Volunteers arrive NOON – all gates closed Vendors arrive #top100 arrives at 2-3PM Northgate ONLY #Select arrives at 3-4PM Northgate ONLY IAMVIP & Informal at 4PM Northgate ONLY 5PM we let the public walk in gates 10PM awards ceremony

  • Our Approved Elite for StanceWars Seattle 2017 Every year we set up tickets for media, its not free but it’s a great discount to encourage them register with us. Media is life and for a car show its a requirement. We’ve been known to give some gifts and some gratitude towards our media family. We can’t...

  • Some of the best service for a new car comes from Auburn Volkswagen . They supply Happenstance Event Productions with vehicles for our fleet and keep them serviced. Stop in a see the new Vw’s this year and see what Matt & Dan can do for you!