Show update
We like to keep you informed on what we’re doing and how we do things. Last night we booked 11 tickets from Seattle to NJ. Tonight we’ll book the Oregon, Cali and Texas tickets for the rest of the staff to fly in. This is our core group that goes to each of our shows. Its take’s a team to deliver quality experience and organization. If it’s a thousand people or ten thousand this team can handle it. Our staff is #1 We’re booking hotel rooms this week, but normally don’t stay with our guest, but we’ll invite you over for a drink afterwards.

I’ll be in town this weekend for my 6th trip to NJ since started talking to Metlife. Not once, not twice but 6th trip. I’ve been to a few shows publicly and few shows privately to see and understand the culture and vibe of eastern shows, vendors and carshow life will work #Ourlife.

Show aspects, since NJ is new I’ll do a little more that I would normally. #Keepintheknow
* Today we confirmed our goodie bags. We give every #Top100 or #selectcar a goodie bag with Griot’s Garage product , a pair of our licence plate frames, random gift , some merch and a show shirt. but we do sneak in a few random things like pre-paid cellphones, $20 bills and personal notes.
* Shirts should arrive new week, very similar to the Seattle shirts.
* Next, we make a slap or two for each stop on the tour and usually only sell that slap on site. Then we make a colab slab with a local compamy.
* Media, if you noticed we’re currently playing all the seattle contest entries. Become a media for NJ, it’s well worth it for the access, the gifts and being part of us.

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