Hi guys, Curly here

As you know, I attended South Africa’s largest car show this past weekend. I met up with a lot of good people and spoke about cars at length.

One thing I couldn’t help but notice was the growing presence of wrapped cars at the show. Usually our shows have few wrapped cars, and most guys opt for full resprays or blowovers to revive their colour. This is partly due to our climate which is hardly favourable towards delicate wraps and possibly due to a slight stigma towards wraps in general.

Some of the finest cars on display were showing up exhibiting wraps, both custom themes and simple monotone colour change wraps. There was the usual gathering of themed cars, i.e. champagne brands, Red Bull, that brand with the 3 stripes etc.

But what caught my eye was the subtlety and finesse of some of the wraps, like a pearlescent flip-flop brown/purple matte wrap found on an Audi S1. Something different and new, and an absolute eyecatcher.

I personally remain a fan of paint, as I feel it is a true profession which requires that special something to pull off, whereas wrapping seems to be a matter of learning the application method and then just letting yourself get used to it. Cal me old school but I prefer when I can see a car has been delicately prepared and painted, rather than just using a wrap to conceal the uglies underneath.

I’m not slating wraps by any means, and for those among us who enjoy changing up the theme of our car every couple of months, wraps are a lifesaver (and wallet saver), but I just personally remain an old school prep work fanboy.

Then again, with the rate at which wraps are advancing, it’s becoming harder to tell which cars are wrapped and which are painted!