Yes, its true I’m looking for a GROM to raffle at the show. Someone will be going home with a brand new Grom. Our raffle tickets are already live. If you purchase your ticket to StanceWars Seattle you’ll be prompted to by a $15 Grom raffle ticket.

Raffle tickets are $15 or (5) for $100 Other options at merch booth as well.

Getting around can suck the life out of you, or it can be the best part of your day. But one way or another, we all gotta get someplace. Why not make it fun? And the best way to do that, naturally, is on a Honda Grom. One blast on this pocket-sized two-wheeled amusement ride and you’ll be hooked.


Now to be legal we have to offer you a FREE way to get a ticket, look for a web post about that later.