Will we ever go back to NJ or NYC ?

I’d say yeah. In fact we looked at dates for 2019 in january but we were able to fit a jump to NJ in our current schedule for 2019. While there are days possible , we have commitments in life and other events that made it really not possible.

Its more about having fun as a team, rather than making sure we fit in as many events as possible in a year. We talked about skip shows for years now, and it time to start practicing that theory. We’re skipping Texas to add Florida this year. We wanna hit places like Denver, Kansas City or Omaha, Chicago, Atlanta and Nashville but still continue to have fun and so the shows we WANT to and have the fun doing it.

For 2019 we’ve committed to
SpringFest Seattle 2019
Automotive Photo Scavenger Hunt
StanceWars Las Vegas
Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Las Vegas 2019
PNW Springmeet – The Swap Meet
Bacon Bimmer’s & Bourbon
XS Car-Night Dresden
DriftCon 2019
The Old School Reunion 2019
PNW Springmeet Carshow & Swapmeet -2019
StanceWars Seattle
StanceWars Super Subie Saturday
Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Seattle 2019
Honda Expo HXPO
StanceWars Los Angeles
DriftCon 2019
Oktobugfest 2019 – WinterMeet
StanceWars Miami

Thats alot of shows we put one or assist in one fashion or another. Yeah, thats 18. Now on top of that we booth at 20-25 each year. Like IFO and many other local and nation events.