well I’m back from a five day trip to Denver for Scrapefest. It was a great event and I was happy taht Joe and his team invited us for the first event. I haven’t been to Denver to vend or see an event in Denver. Earlier this spring my beeper blew up when HIN was in Denver and I received IM’s about how unorganized it was and how people never got in after buying tickets in advance.

Denver has cars, quality was damm decent, and I knew that already. The peeps were rad and happy for anyof us to be there.

But it back to work, I’m happy to be back with the wife and kids, also to be in the office. Now that i’m back to work here my schedule for a bit

-Weekend off at Great Canadian VW Show Weekend – The 27th GCVWS August 10,11,12 2018
Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Seattle 2018 Aug 18th 
Brokebucket & IFO Seattle Aug 26th
Sept 2nd IFO Kansas
Sept 9th Pac Waterlands
Sept 16th Slammedenuff Texas
Sept 22nd – StanceWars SoCal
Sept 29th DriftCon


Register at our ticket site (TheFoat.Com) for TWO FREE tickets and enjoy what I can put together on very short notice in a new venue I’ve never stepped a foot in.

FREE TICKETS are now open for our LA Experience
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