What kind of goals are you making for 2019 ?

Maybe your of a trip to a show, or that one big purchase like a Liberty Walk kit or Air ride for your car. Was 2018 the year you wanted ? Might not have been.

For us we did what we did and we cant go back so it forward and up from here. We’ve told you before about skip shows and events and we might just do that this year. We didn’t hit NJ last year, mainly because our team didn’t want to deal with some the BS from last time and we didn’t want to go to war with a majority of the east coast promoters either. I’m not sure the tactic of working with or working against would be better if we came back to the east.

Then there was Cali. We has a blast and did what we wanted to do, a small GTG, a reason to travel to take the team to Disneyland for the hard work of Seattle. Once we invited our “friends” we had alot of folks to deal with. A little more than we really planned on. Don’t worry we’ll be back to Cali this year for a full experience.

Then the Texas incident, well even well planned events and wrong reasons can still go wrong. We didn’t have a solid plan after Cali, folks didn’t want a grassy knoll and we needed some work on the semi. So we canceled the show , took our licks and moved on.

But what will happen for 2019 ? We’ve planned some new hijinks for Las Vegas, we’re adding Las Angeles, we’re doing a subie only thing and now we’re working on a BMW thing too. But even with plans, you just never know. – Mike

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About the Author – @the_mike_tolliver Mike Tolliver

Mike Tolliver – Owner of Happenstance Events and its multiple brands for entertainment. Avid collector of european cars, father of two girls, nutty guy who attends 50+ car shows a year and cant remember a name to save his life.