What a great weekend to chill and plan. I’ve been home this weekend should have flown over to FL for Simply Clean but I deiced to chill here, pay bills and plan. oh before I forget IMG credit – Yaheem Murph

Like I said it great time to chill and plan. I’ve traveled a lot this 2018 season, I haven’t sat down to figure out how many events I’ve been to this summer but I know it north 35. Why ? I like to vend at events to interact with people, see the show and learn. Learning is not something you stop in high school or collage, its a everyday thing. If you ask someone that hustlin they tell you the same thing bro.

I’m not going into full detail here and now but I’m in planning mode for 2019 and I’m going to make some goals different for 2019. I’d really like to attend some event I’ve never been to , problem is many of them are end of year when the wife is pissed and I’m tried of flying. We’re going to try to get StanceWars TV Project back online this next year and we are going to start “skip shows”. Two or three stage shows and then a new location every year. Hell we might even try a indoor box show that sucks ass but people seem to flock to to spend 12-13 hours in that sucks the life out of you. Just kidding, we would NEVER do that. but if we did a indoor it would be something very different. Ok, its Monday , go kill it and if you need a boost , get a taco !


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