We’re hours away from the team flying to LAX for our little experience in SoCal. After losing two venues after certain event company trashed event venues with short sided fun we didn’t have the options. It took us two years to get our first choice location which would have been our first indoor show.
We had two large buildings with courtyard connecting them and we would have had room for a nutty amount of cars, vendors and sponsors along with a parkade of VIP parking for 300-600 cars and general parking for over 3,000. The next venue would have been a decent setup, but it was ruined be behavior as well. We’re in this for long haul. I don’t plan for months for a one time romp, I plan events on 3yr cycle. We’ve been planning another venue for 3 years now in LA and we’re close to pulling it off I think. But will it worth it to the community , no idea. With $29,000+ invested in this 4hrs on Saturday I hope there is respect for the spot, respect for the team and good vibes.
– mike