Finally back in the office from our little trip for the lat two weeks. I thought we’d chat about what we’re been up to since October.

Road Trip with DIPS (Discount Import Parts ) from Seattle to IFO in Chandler Arizona for the Cliff’s IFO (Import Face Off). First off does anyone else road trip that owns a show ? I only know a of a handful of guys that do. If you are not road tripping with friends you are missing out on part of life and making stronger friendships. I’ve know Estaban for a few years,but until you are on the open open road, sharing meals and hotel rooms you really don’t know a person.  We stopped in Vegas for friday night before seeing the Hoover Dam and drive to Arizona.

IFO in Chandler Arizona – Lucky we know Cliff and Paulie B in Scottsdale for a place stay and relax. Esteban and I had been planning this trip for two or three months and really wanted to see the show and visit Paul. Paul helped start StanceWars and since moving to Arizona its only been a handful of times to see him. The show was a hot mess for us. We were out of element, I forgot to load a few key items and it was hot. We left Seattle in the 50’s  to work in the 90’s and face full of #VegasDrift Smoke. We had a great time at the show and we’ll try to return. But the 22 hour drive, its long one, about the same to LA from Seattle.

Back to Vegas for SEMA. We did a little fix on the StanceWars Diesel Puller, blew thumb sized hole in a boost tube and took off for Vegas for #SEMA and  Slammedenuff Show after Sema. Now I’ll chat about SEMA in another article, its enough to write few about. Rene was able to blast over from LA for the weekend to help out at Slammedenuff show at the Silverton Casino.

Slammedenuff Las Vegas – While it was short and sweet I was able to send time with the Slammedenuff crew over the weekend. They are some great people and Rene would say stop telling people how good other teams are but I really like these hillbillies from Tennessee. Quality of the cars were top notch, I took a few pics but I’ll wait for Davids to show them well. We chatted with folks from the area about StanceWars Vegas 2019 in April and asked ” what do we do to make it better ?

Back to Seattle. We’ll Sunday we said goodbye to Vegas, LA and Tennessee friends and took off for home. Its a 17 hour trip in a car but about 22 with a truck and 14ft trailer north to jackpot NV and Twin Fall Idaho, quick left to Boise and into win country for Washington. Going from 2000ft above sea leave to 7800+ and few 5000+ passes we did a see snow and knew winter was ahead. Arriving in washington to 45 degrees was a sharp change from vegas at 85+.

Now that we’re back, we’ve got some shipping to do, then plan the NW Toy Run for Seattle folks and continue on 2019 Tour plans. In this off season we’re going to embark on few changes for our presents, our shows and ourselves. I believe that every year we need to improve what we are are doing, change the things you ask us to change and be better people than the previous year. – Mike


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Mike Tolliver – Owner of Happenstance Events and its multiple brands for entertainment. Avid collector of european cars, father of two girls, nutty guy who attends 50+ car shows a year and cant remember a name to save his life.