Welcome to 2018 and StanceWars. WE’RE NOT STOPPING !

We busted our ass to to have four shows across america. We worked on Japan and German show and jsdut didn’t happen last year. We’ll be working, your having fun and we want to insure thats with us. As of right now we have Four shows in Las Vegas, Seattle , New Jersey and Texas . In Seattle our Golden Gardens Spring meet just got alot larger and we” have more news on that soon. We’re actively working a Japan and something in california but I’m not saying anything until its alot more firm.


We’re got some bold goals this year , and we hope you notice.  Mike Tolliver

RSVP NOW      April 7th StanceWars Las Vegas 2018 “theparty”
RSVP NOW      July 13-15th StanceWars Seattle 2018 ” its Lit”
RSVP NOW     Sept 8 -9th StanceWars New Jersey 2018 “East meets west”
RSVP NOW     Nov 17-18th  StanceWars Houston ” grill & chill”