We want to say thank you to everyone that attended or tried to attend SpringFest Seattle today. Plain and simple, the turnout of nearly 5000 people was far more than we anticipated. Taking two large FREE events and making a new FREE event at a huge venue still wasn’t enough.

We apologize for the traffic issues. We truly did our best with our limited knowledge of the area. This was the first automotive event at Wild Waves which is part of why traffic management was unknown.

We would also like to clear up some misinformation that is being spread around. VIP cutoff was always 12:45pm which was mentioned in the email and links that we shared. We know that with the extra traffic made it difficult for some people to get there on time. We tried to get every VIP person that showed up to the “EXIT” of the venue with pass inside the venue even after the gates were closed.

When we shut the gates at 1pm it was not because we were 100% full (VIP spots were still saved and you can see them in the photos that have been shared). This was a decision that was forced on us by the venue and police. In their opinion, it was the only way to handle the massive amounts of traffic still piling up onto I5 and surrounding streets. People were told to show up at 12pm for General parking. They showed up at 10:30am anyway…

VIP spots were never oversold. From our ticketing database only a small number of VIP spots were not claimed. If you had a VIP spot and showed up at the gate displaying the pass/email and were still turned away please email info@importmeet.com so we can take care of you.

To those upset that this wasn’t as good as XXX or Golden Gardens: cherish those memories because those events will never happen again due to the very small amount of parking. We’re sorry that you weren’t impressed and given the chance again we know this venue can be better in many other ways. XXX took 5 years to get it to where it was. The first year we hosted was pretty terrible.

Lastly, despite all of the warnings and rule reminders there were still people doing burnouts, drifting, or revving inside the venue. This is not acceptable. We will find a way to make sure you are formally trespassed from any venue you disrespect in the future. Unfortunately, this means that a large police presence will be required INSIDE the venue as well as OUTSIDE the venue.

There are many areas we know we can improve on. If this event happens again next year it will be required to be much different in terms of format. This also means that free parking will likely be going away. We do welcome your feedback and ask that you share it in a constructive manner.

If you have any other questions or concerns please email info@importmeet.com or mike@happenstanceevents.com.


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