Well now that i had a day to reflect and let my feet recover I can sit and chat about the event. Far as we can tell the experience went well. Was wasn’t perfect, they never are but I¬† dont have a problem fixing and taking feedback to make things better. For a FREE event is was stellar and I was told by many this as better than a few events here that are $20.

We ran out of wristbands, we didnt buy any new ones for this event but we had alot left over from Seattle. We gave out 3,840 FREE TICKETS for the event and another 400 front of line tickets . The line as HUGE , and I mean HUGE. Then added the 150+ booth cars. Former #Top100 and VIP parking and friends and I have not idea . I’d say 4,000 guests for the evening to experience what we had to offer.

We bought great friends ( sponsors) out and some of the best cars on display. We had a sweet variety in our show & shine as well. Once the hot sun went down , life got easier and the relaxed vibe hit full swing. Myke Jone’s pounded the beats, and the team worked hard.

We’d like to thank Toyo Tires & Griots for there support. Tailored Auto Styling, AG Wheels, Rotiform , Infinitewerks¬†, Kormodiv , Rolloface, Illiminate crew and TJ Hunt & crew

Today we’re taking the team to Universal Studios, we’re 10 shows in for the year and have four left.

Stancewars Texas is Nov 17-18th
Tickets –> https://goo.gl/ww3obH