Welcome to the garage, its time to start thinking about how you’ll look in the garage. You’ll be parked on the 3rd & 4th floors and we hope to see some upgrades we heard about but didn’t see. If it was up to Mike, everyone would be in the show and not just at the show but for now we’re going to let you continue on your path until your vision is perfected.

This wave represents 2 states, and 2 countries
6 Classes from Classic to Best Stance
17 vehicles are static and 40 are bagged
19 are returning to apply

But all of you didn’t receive favorable votes from our prejudging exercise. There more cars that apply in Seattle than we allow. So you are not alone and your vehicle is just fine the way it is. Our standard is high, we’re looking for the best and quality is better than quantity.

Why didn’t I make it ?

Thank you for being part of the experience of StanceWars. Our judges agreed that you are on the right patch but still need time to finish your vision. Below are few common reason why you might have has an issue.

  • You were fine, just there are TO MANY in your class
    • some classes like “Best Stance/ Fitment ” we only allow 50 cars, this year was 89 in that class
    • You have a popular car, this year BRZ/WRX and Mustang were peoplural and we’re only going to allow so many to represent
  • Photos – you are pre-judged, classed and an impression is made on YOUR photos
    • many photos were very poor and unclear showing aspects we’re looking for
    • the first photo is the judges first impression- best foot forward
    • while many are creative we’re rally looking for great photos of your car
  • You didn’t fit the theme of the event ” STANCE” or “FITMENT”
    • stock car with wheels wont make it, not even close
    • Wheels gap , not gonna happen
    • unpainted, to much carbon or not even close to be stanced

You’ll be called up 3rd-4th floors at 3PM via the BACKGATE ONLY

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Visit STANCEWARS.COM for the roll in instructions