One or two are friends, some Ive been seen before #Top100,  and several are excited to be the new standard for 2018 of the #Top100

This wave represents 4 states, 2 countries, and years of work for all
8 Classes from Classic to Best Stance
10 vehicles are static and a lot are bagged
14 are returning #Top100
But all of you received TWO “YES” votes from the judges
We’ll see you at Stancewars!

It’s time to share the good news !

Thank you for being part of the experience of StanceWars. Our judges agreed that you are part of the big picture and now it’s time to show off !!!!

  • You are in the #Top100
  • You are top floor bound
  • You’ll be called up first at 3PM via the BACKGATE ONLY

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Being #Top100 doesn’t stop you from BEING a Volunteer at our experience, in fact it gives you better insight to the event. JOIN US & VOLUNTEER 


The List of the Notified #Top100 

State Owner Owner make class req
Canada Leigh Gavin Subaru Best Stance
WA Ian Rogers Subaru Best Stance
WA Erica Gomez Ford Best Domestic
WA Eduardo Pineda Bmw Best European
WA Eduardo Pineda Bmw Best Truck\SUV
WA Emily Larsen Ford Best Domestic
Canada Gurjit Gill Subaru Best Function
WA Dillon Delacruz Subaru Best JDM (default class)
UT Breanna Black Volvo Best European
WA Alex Cuervo Lexu Best JDM (default class)
WA Dion Hargrove Mazda Best Classic
Canada Austin Baird Subaru Best Stance
Canada Justin Wallace Lexus Best VIP
WA macaully lakin Subaru Best Fitment
Canada John Shih Mazda Best Function
WA Timothy Paulsen Audi Best European
WA Tony Lau Lexus Best VIP
Canada Alex MacDonald VW Best Classic
OR Christopher Porter Subaru Best Fitment
ID Felix Lopez Garcia Bmw Best European
WA Christian Munoz Subaru Best Fitment
WA Sergio Arteaga Subaru Best Fitment
Canada Ben Wang Audi Best European
WA Jacob Johnson Ford Best Domestic
OR David Beeson Volkswagen Best Fitment
Canada Stephen Lachocki Nissan Best JDM (default class)
WA Harman Singh BMW Best European
WA Dylan Chaney Hyundai Best Stance
Canada Dave Watson Ford Best Domestic
WA Trenton Culbert Lexus Best Stance
Canada Michael Kinney Chevrolet Best Domestic
WA David Salts Infiniti Best VIP
Canada Alex Ciceu Porsche Best European
Canada Jason Hill Toyota Best JDM (default class)
CO Brandon Vigil Chevy Best Domestic
WA Makaili Lorenz Honda Best Fitment
WA Justin Chapman Subaru Best Function
WA Devin Niemela Scion Best Fitment
WA Jordan Micka Subaru Best Stance
WA Frank Moreno Nissan Best JDM (default class)
WA Kaleb Slagle Nissan Best Classic
WA Vera Keith Oliver BMW Best European
CA Ben Jepson Mazda Best Fitment
OR Anthony Romero Subaru Best Fitment
OR Levi Mohorich Nissan Best Function
OR Roel Chavez Lexus Best Stance
WA Daniel Nguyen Infiniti Best JDM (default class)
NV Sabas Medina Mitsubishi Best Function
Canada Mitchell TenHoeve Volkswagen Best European
Canada Harman Atwal Toyota Best Stance
WA Dillon Haynes Infiniti Best Fitment
WA Ernest Gustafson III BMW Best European
Canada richard humphreys Mazda Best Function
WA Sean Rho BMW Best European
WA Jeffrey Alejandro Infiniti Best Fitment
WA Tyler Koenig Bmw Best European
Canada keane harold banual mitsubishi Best Stance
OR Chris Daley Mazda Best Function
Canada Cameron Swift Audi Best Stance
OR Emanuel Rafai Subaru Best Function
OR Samuel Castro BMW Best European
CA Derek Parker BMW Best Fitment
WA Emmanuel Torres Honda Best JDM (default class)
WA NAVID HAQ Mazda Best Stance
WA Puma Purewal Nissan Best JDM (default class)
WA Manuel Hernandez Franco Honda Best JDM (default class)
UT David May Audi Best European
OR Spencer ZIeman Ford Best Domestic
WA Benjamin Olsen Mazda Best JDM (default class)
OR Oscar Calderon Nisan Best Stance
WA Edgar Garcia Volkswagen Best European
Canada Jonathan Dawson Toyota Best Stance
Canada Christopher Davis Toyota Best VIP
WA ryan rea Toyota Best JDM (default class)
WA Shonn Kidoguchi Infiniti Best VIP
OR Maria Sanchez Nissan Best Stance
WA Thomas Tran Subaru Best Function
Canada Matt Veevers Toyota Best JDM (default class)
WA Eli Churkin Mercedes benz Best Classic
WA Daniel Vasquez BMW Best European
WA King Allahyar VW Best Classic
Canada Ron Palma Dodge Best Domestic
WA steven verhage mazda Best Function
WA Puriwat Ratanavongsawad FORD Best Domestic
Canada Oscar Yu Nissan Best JDM (default class)
WA Ziyang Chen Nissan Best Stance