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Was this the last Golden Gardens meet for StanceWars ?


Was this the last Golden Gardens meet for StanceWars ?

Words and Photos - Mike Tolliver

It’s another soggy morning in Seattle. Today is the Golden Gardens meet in Seattle. So time I wonder is this that last one? I struggle with Golden Gardens each year. I hate the bad press and the attention whores that seem to ruin a fun event. We’ve looked into permits with the city and that’s seems to be a dead end for event with these numbers. So for this year we tried two things differently. First we pushed everyone to over to Matts event at XXX Rootbeer the week before. Second we didn’t create the event until the very minimum of days. We hoped that would get the attendance to a more manageable numbers.


As I arrive at 8:30am , I see that numbers are lower. I only find 20-30 cars 2 hours before the event starts. But I also find the cops and the parks department already on scene. No problems for me , I’m happy to see some governance of the park. We tried before the stop the problems and that just not possible.

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Also this year decided not to sell at the event. We can be fined for selling in the park , but we sold out at XXX Rootbeer and with no product to sell we wanted to give back. I brought out 150 lanyards that we recovered from our theft this fall that were dumped at Value village. I handed out free lanyards to those that asked and wore a StanceWars item.

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I see that Hails car made it out under new ownership. 10403380_10205712246267228_2404047124087058726_n 10374854_10205712254227427_7724646448953443112_n

I spent the day watching the boats , talking to folks and enjoying the fun. At noon  I had to get lunch and head to the airport to get Cynthia from her return from #becausebags .


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Personal note – I didnt have a problem with burnout or some wild antics , I’ve been there and done that.


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