Today we start our video contest from Las Vegas. We have 4 films to show you and one of these folks will win a trip to show or $1000 cash. Next contest will be for seattle.

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Stance Wars Las Vegas 2017 | Stance Nation (4K)

Published on Apr 16, 2017

StanceWars was super dope, I met alot of awesome people with some awesome rides! One of my favorite things was that no one cared if you brought a car there or not, if you liked cars you were cool. There was countless times I’d be hanging in a parking lot, kicking it with people at 3AM just talking about past owned cars and whatnot.

First off, I want to give a BIG thanks to Mike, who let me be Elite media this year. Second, I’d like to give Amanda and Ben a big hug for originally pushing me to apply! Third, I want to shoutout the Sovereign Fitment Society for being such a cool ass club!

Big thanks to Ely over at Simply Photography for letting me use his photo for the thumbnail!…


Flamingosis – An 8 Ball Affair…

SwuM. – I Miss u…

Desire – Under Your Spell…


GoldLink – Rough Soul (YUNG BAE Family Cookout Version)…


We use a Sony A7s, and a Gopro Hero, all paired with a DJI Ronin.

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