Video Coverage from Casey James x StanceWars Seattle 2016

Songs in order:

K!NG Z3U$ – 21 Pounds
Dan Dakota – We let Em Go
$uicideboy$ – Dead Batteries
Hilton – S h a k u h a c h i
Øfdream – Fallen Angel

Stancewars 2016 was one for the books. This is my video and how i see it. The video starts out with Jesse and his rocketbunny 350. (@omgitsrocketz) Went out a filmed and had some fun.
We then transition into what takes place prior to the event opening to the public. Mikes opens with his thoughts on this years Stancewars. Followed by Tyler and team setting up the stage and others doing the main tent on the #top100 floor.
We then go into roll in and on to the show.
After, you see one of the winners. Marice (@wastsgoodson_) who took home Best Fitment.