Words & Images - Mike Tolliver

Well folks I barely survived Las Vegas, and it wasn’t from partying or over drinking. I’m fat and it was hot. Its just that. I worked my ass off and so did alot of people. There were a few of us that didnt do so well over the weekend. But I wanted to tell my staff aka the friends “thank you” . Thank you for making events a priority and taking the time off work and making this flights and weekends. Many people dont know that our staff are dedicated full time working people in the industry that take alot of time off to be with us. Before you ask to work with or for us ” Do you have a great full time job that you get 2-3 weeks of time off a year? ” thats the first qualification.¬† ¬†Dedication , did I mention that. Tyler our lead man, go to dude and technical adviser has been with us about eight years now. Look at this insert from our internal forum about him winning Best Staffer for Vegas . Maybe on day I’ll show you the live chat we staffer run during these weekends. Its full of nasty funny stuff .

Well I know our semi is almost home, then we can unpack and get life going again. Many friends flew home to land and go directly to work, thank you. Some folks drove and took the 14-18 hour drive home to go to work.¬† I’m keeping up on my pack with my wife Sally to take a week off after every StanceWars event. I’m taking the family to look a venues ” yea the kids would say” and spend some quality time. Ive been on the road for almost two months and have only spent 3-4 days at a time with the fam.