#Update – StanceWars Las Vegas
Thank you for your overwhelming support in this crazy time. As an enthusiast built business filling a need for good times and a growing community we are blessed to have you at our events. Thank you for taking the time to read and understand this message.

Here in Seattle, it’s been a wild few weeks. Everything is shut down but the sun is out and people want to do something. We’ve been working with venues, sponsors and our team about what to do and when to do it. We’ve sought advice from mentors and those we consider worth looking up to. It is a terrible time for the event and hospitality business. Many of us may not survive this as our industry is collapsing in front of us. Venues, hotels and other hospitality businesses may be unable to move forward with operations after this.

We have been communicating with the Governor’s office in Nevada and our venue Palace Station Hotel & Casino. Until today I have been unable to talk directly to our host about our events. They are running down a list of events larger than us to move and reschedule inside the SV 14 casinos. I suggested that we move our event to May 16th and continue as planned. May 30th could be an alternate date as well. The SV team is actively working toward that as a solution.

As an event owner that barley was able to pull off an event in Seattle March 7th, we took steps to ensure that ticket funds from StanceWars Vegas were not touched. This makes us financially stable for refunding tickets and without compromise.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions and concerns, and we will notify you with any updates we have either here of emails to ticket holders or past ticket holders.

Mike Tolliver – Owner Happenstance Event Productions
Email — > Mike @ happenstanceevents.com