Here at HQ we’ve started to plan our 2019 and the trips we take. Not the trips for our shows, the trips we take to see others events across the nation and around the world. IF you haven’t figured this out, we like to hit events and see YOU and whats happening in your little part of the community. This is how we spend our time and money we make.

In 2018 we did 30,000+ air miles to Florida, NJ, Texas, California, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona and 37,000 miles on the SlamVan and the Pickup going to events , California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Oregon. Its been a fantastic year for us. Thank you.

So where are we headed to for events in 2019 ?

We’ve planned a trip to Worthersee via Paris with a few side trips to Italy and Germany. We’re planning a two huge road trips for next year. One to Riverside Chattanooga and the other to Springfest Sumospeed. The will be a few road trips to Import Face-off’s in California, Nevada and Oregon. We’ll travel for NVUS Gathering and XS Car Night in California. We’ll see friends like Scarefest in Utah and maybe back to Denver too. There still a lot ot plan where to go and what friends we’ll have hangs with, but we know it will be blast like always.

What are our dates so far ?

SpringFest Seattle 2019 March 2nd Seattle 

StanceWars Las Vegas April 13-14th Las Vegas

StanceWars presents our Seattle Experience July 13-15th Seattle 

StanceWars Super Subie Saturday August 3rd Portland 

StanceWars Los Angeles September 14-15th