What makes a Car #Top100worthy ?

Its a simple formula of clean and fit. Simple and Clean, and the details that you can’t understand. Many folks just don’t get you just need a flawless car with rare but simple mods. An easy way is to look at your car, and compare it to another just like it.

Here is a fast run down of easy and small mods to set you apart from someone just like you.

Black moldings – flawless and perfect or body color matched both stand out.

Brake rotors – non rusty and painted or matched

Rain tray / Wipers – Removed or flawless – both make a statement

Flawless wheels – Perfect lugs. inner barrels matched or painted. Edge painted ?

Grills – flawless black or body colors to match

Calipers – simple colors , body match or stand out awalsy help setting you apart

Livery – maybe its the push you need for greatness designed but a true designer.