Pay attention  – Now since the first time I’m sure it will be a mess but we all have to learn how to get into the venue. Please arrive to the area about 3PM and plan on staging on South Ogden Dr . Its 2 blocks from the venue. Our guys in Red will be around to help answer questions and move you down West 8th Street to Fairfax and into the venue. This is where Pat, TJ and MO will check you in and direct you up the parking garage. Most of you will park on the 4th floor and few on the 3rd floor. You’ll get (2) wristbands and every else will be charged $20. All Cars will be provided with about 16×12 (1 1/2 – 2 parking spaces) to display .
Roll in is 3-4PM arriving to early or to late will cause a slow down of the whole process.

Now many of you are new so please remember a few things. We consider the #Top100 process hard and anyone that makes it a winner in our books regardless if you a get a piece of plastic. #TOP100 badges and shirts are an honor. Our judges are ninjas and you’ll need to keep a sharp eye out , they don’t like to be seen with the book. You are #Top100 family now.  Roll in at 3pm arrival time to get checked in with Patrick and gang. All entries come with (2) wristbands, a shirt and/or gift or sponsor goodie bag. All Cars will be provided with about 16×12 (1 1/2 – 2 parking spaces) to display your car in on the 3rd and 4th floor at Petersen at Night. Need an extra wristband? Get one online before the day to keep $$$ in your pocket.

Take a minute and RSVP & SHARE for the event at Petersen Museum  StanceWars SoCal Oct 26th 5PM to 9PM