Today tickets open for Seattle!!!! #Top100 opens April 1st

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Happenstance Event Productions is pleased to announce our Seattle Fitment Event –
– The Fitment Event 5-10pm Bellevue College Garage  Get Tickers Here

Our 9th Pacific NorthWest Fitment Event – Stancewars 2020 An event in which premium car owners and wheel fitment nut jobs meet and showcase their incredible crafted vehicles in Seattle area. One Hundred pre-approved cars will be selected to be inside the event next to the hottest vendors and sponsors. This event will be located at Bellevue College just 15 mins from downtown Seattle just off I-90. The event atop the parking structure overlooking Seattle with the sunset in the background. VIP parking will be located on a lower floor and club parking as well. The remaining parking will be on the lowest floors and surrounding parking lots.  Get Tickers Here

A word about Corvid-19 – In the light of the developing coronavirus pandemic, StanceWars and its host venues are working together to implement additional protocols and procedures at our events in an effort to promote and protect the health and safety of all of our event attendees. We are taking steps to acquire additional cleaning materials such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and cleaners to make them available to those in attendance at our events. StanceWars is moving forward with our date of July 10th -July 12th. Tickets that are normally not refundable will be 100% refunded if the event is canceled. If rescheduled all tickets will be moved to the new date.   Get Tickers Here