What to Expect
Today we’ve put together at sprinkle of friends, sponsors and manufactures with some our favorite vehicles. We’ve asked a few previous #Top100  owners to come out . We opened a very small number of Show&shine to meet demand of the public because we didn’t open our #Top100 for this event. This is an EVENT – not a show. In 2019 we’l be back with our normal program and trying to show you something new. Enjoy the event today.

Thank you for letting me have a job like this
We’ve be planning to come to California for over 3 years now. We’ve rented so many locations but fate has never let us come yet. We hope that you enjoy the experience that we have put together in a short amount of time and I felt hat we should do it for FREE rather than have you pay for our experience. It might be what some of you are looking for, for others you will think that the shows you’ve been to are standard and are just fine with you.

We’ll see you at 4PM
Mike Tolliver // Owner // StanceWars

Saturday Sept 22nd  4PM to 8PM
Location  Santa Anita Park

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