#TipsandTricks for applying for #Top100 Las Vegas
Just in the act of applying we’ve found that there are few tips we can help you with.

First, have the cash in your account. Its a lot of work to complete and if you don’t have the cash its a lot of time wasted.

Second, good pics not basic-bitch cell phone pics. Bad photos are 90% why most folks will not get in. NO, we won’t go to your insta to look for more. Judges don’t have access to your name or your IG account to look for more.

Third, don’t apply using your cell phone. Large pics don’t transmit fast, your info is one too many screens and it just generally makes you to long. Take a minute and use a laptop or computer. We’re taking the time to look over the info to base our decision on you.

Forth, the information you tell us the story of your journey into the modification of your vehicle. We’re looking for details, and the idea you’re doing something for you and not just copying the next guy.

Fifth, this is a fitment show, not a basic car show. There are plenty of them around you to lol “apply” to that nobody gets denied too. Fitment and wheels one of the most important aspects of the entire day. While you don’t need 3pc wheels, it hard to create a sophisticated fitment and custom look with anything else. -mike