Well its been a week of unloading and going through 60-70 boxes to fins things that went missing . But we did it, we found the judges book and now can post the winners.

Meet the Winners of the #Top100

Hand curated by 4 judges from 300+ entries. While many think its a easy task, it’s actually very hard to tell 200+ that your not making it and there is someone that we think is doing it slightly better that you. Every year I hear this car should have WON it and that car made it and it crap. All the judges must agree on the winners if not MIKE is called to break a tie. No one single person judge can black ball a car and no one single person can get a car to WIN. Its simple but people still this it’s rigged or bias and thats something that really bothers me. I’ve always been upfront, and happy to be honest with anyone.

Keep the world small and manageable and make it the best place possible – Mike Tolliver 

Levi Mohorich Nissan 240sx Work Meister sp1 Bagged Best on Toyo Tires


Paul Tait Honda Accord Wagon SiR SuperSpeed Flow Form R03RR 18×9.5 Best Air Ride


Chelsie Lesnoski Scion FR-S Work Meister M1, 9.5×18 10.5×18 Best Display

Gurjit Gill Subaru Impreza STI Work miester s13p 18×11 Bagged Best Function

Mitch Vorbeck BMW M3 BBS RS 17X10 17X11.5 Bagged Best European

ryan rea toyota soarer SSR Mk-2R Bagged Best Classic

Jordan Nguyen Honda Civic SI Custom Work Ryver 18×10/12 (6/8 chrome inch lips) Bagged Best Wheels

Ruperto Ramirez Acura Tl type s VIP modular vl550  18×11.5 all around with 5 and 6 inch lips Bagged Best VIP

Wendell Boone Dodge Charger Scat Pack 20×10 20×11 Bagged Best Domestic


Travis Gleaves Datsun 620 Pickup Ray TE37X 16×8 Static Best Truck – SUV


Mainthan To Toyota Sienna Ferrada FR4 20×10.5 Bagged Best Van


Travis Wilson Honda Grom Best on 2 Wheels

Marcus Allen Volkswagen GTI WCI BP1s 18×8.5  & 18×10.5 Static Best Static



Levi Mohorich Nissan 240sx Work Meister sp1 Bagged Best JDM

Tyler Morales Hyundai Genesis coupe r-spec Weds kranze shoki 19×11 19×12 Static Best KDM


Lee Gav Subaru STI Limited Volk Bagged Best Elite

daniel nguyen infiniti g35 coupe AG’s F421 19×10.5 -26 & 19×11 Bagged Best Fitment


Clifford Joe Porsche Cayman MV Forged AVT-1 3 piece 19×10.5- Bagged Best Stance