The Old School Reunion – Kelley McKenzie

Words and photos by Kelley McKenzie

The Old School Reunion is one of those special shows – one of those shows that brings all the old school cars out for a day in the sun. This was my first year attending this show, so I really didn’t know what to expect.
There aren’t many old school Euro/JDM shows around, and this is probably one of the biggest on the west coast. Lots of pre-meets were set up around the area. People from out of town had been planning to attend this show for a while.
When we rolled up at 730, the parking lots around the Old Country Village in Bothell were starting to fill up. People were getting coffee, breakfast, and putting the final touches on their cars, so they would sparkle and shine on this beautiful day. Everyone was hoping to win one of the many awards that would be given out.

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It began with a steady stream of a wide variety of vintage cars: BMWs, Datsuns, Toyotas, Subarus, Volvos, and Hondas. The requirement for entering this show is your car must be a classic European car with nostalgic JDM anything 1988 or older; at least to be able to park in the grass fields for the show. Everyone else parked in the gravel, but since the grass parking lot filled up so quickly with all the cool older cars, we ended up having to use the gravel parking lots for part of the show as well.
Not a cloud in the sky, the day quickly got hot, but that didn’t stop anyone at this show. People had come prepared. BBQs, pop-up tents, camping chairs, and blankets were either strapped to the top of cars or placed in the back seats.

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Everyone was grouped mainly by manufacturers, and it was cool to see all the different makes and models within those groups. Some just restored their cars to the original state, and others have heavily modified the old-school look. It didn’t matter which one you chose, everyone got along and appreciated each others vehicles.
Lots of old rare cars were seen at this event. One of my favorites of the show was the R31 Skyline that has been at only a handful of other shows.

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This event has been held at the Country Village in Bothell every year, where there are a lot of very unique shops and some great restaurants. If you haven’t been and are planning to go, you HAVE to check out Carolina Smoke! They have some of the best BBQ around the Bothell area.
The quaint shops blend with nature to quench your thirst for old world charm. There are lots of paths that lead you to picnic areas, trains, ponds, art, one of a kind toy stores, gifts, antiques, and so much more! It’s more than shopping, it’s an experience of old world charm that is hard to find anywhere else. All of the old-style shops in the Village make a great backdrop for these vintage vehicles, as it looks like you’ve gone through a time machine back when these cars were rolling new off the showroom floor.

Who knows if the venue will change eventually, but the event will still be a great time as always, so make sure to mark your calendars and come check out some of the most unique cars the NW has to offer.

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