Story and pictures by Ryan Jouhari

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The moment I heard about StanceWars coming to Vegas, I knew I wanted to make the trip out there. Having friends drive up from Southern California for the Seattle show in 2014, this show had to be something special. I was so happy that 11 of my closest friends were able to make the trip with me! The memories, laughs, and friends I met while in Vegas will always be remembered!

My trip began late friday night, leaving around 11pm after work with 4 of my friends who also happen to be co-workers. We would arrive shortly after 3am, and met up with the rest of our group in our hotel. They were lucky enough to head up one night earlier than us! Having not slept on the way there, we decided why not keep going. We spent the first morning walking the strip and catching up on what we had missed the previous night. Eventually we found our way back to the room around 5am to catch a few hours of sleep before the big day. A few hours later, we are all awake again and headed out the door to get the day started. We met up with a few friends to do a quick photoshoot, and then it was time for the show!

We arrived early so I could get good coverage without the crowd. The cars began to roll in, and I was impressed with the overall variety of the cars that were there. A lot of different cars and faces compared to the ones I see in Southern California. Many of those in attendance had driven from out of state, so it was nice to see some cars I might never get to see. This event stood out to me in many ways, but one thing that separates this from others, is how it is fun for all ages. After walking around for a few hours, shooting photos, meeting some new people, it was time for some car limbo! It was really fun to watch, and it gathered everyone in attendance to watch some of the lowest cars compete. I could see the amount of hard work and dedication that went into planning this entire event.

Overall, this event was so much fun! From the environment, the cars, people, and the friendly staff. Later that night we would make our way back to the hotel to enjoy the rest of our vacation. We would leave the following morning and wanted to make this trip even better, so once again we headed out for a night on the strip. All of us are looking forward to coming back out next year, and some of us are already planning our trip to the Seattle show later this year. StanceWars has so much potential to be one of the biggest shows, with the first show in a new location being such a good success, it will continue to grow rapidly year by year. I cannot wait till the next show! Thanks to everyone who made it possible… the staff, car owners, media, vendors, and all of the supporters!


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