Judges have determined the #Top100

Well we now know who is in the #Top100 and who aint. Guess I better build some images and emails.

Congrats to to all who let us review choose for our show. There are hundreds that applied and everyone has style and taste of their own. Thank you for letting us choose from all of them. Mike Tolliver

Today, Tomorrow and Tuesday emails for “waves” of who made it in and who didn’t. This emaiusl is to infor you start watch your email. 

Facts – Figures and weird stuff 
1 Car  Applied from 3,900 Miles away (Florida)
15 Car are debuting at Seattle StanceWars
51 cars – All four judges agreed that they are essential for the show
62 Subarus applied thus why we started –  StanceWars Super Subie Saturday
65 Cars only from Washington State Applied
82 returning #Top100 Applied
130 – Bagged cars Applied

Next Step is ……….

Next step …… Without the judges I (mike) review all the judges YES and NO entries for each vehicle. With all YES’s that entry moves into the #Top100.  One (NO) you still might be the #Top100 but ranked lower. What about two (NO’s ) ? Still might make into a class depending how many entries are left for a class. Each class is filled with the number of vehicles required plus a few extra.

Today, Tomorrow and Tuesday emails for “waves” of who made it in and who didn’t. 

Then at the show . All of this data is available for the judges to review in the Judges Book. From the book all cars are ranked in every class. Judges review the cars in person for facts or fiction. Once the judges ALL AGREE on a class the winner can be read on stage at the event. Yes, ALL THE JUDGES MUST AGREE in determining a winner.  In case of TIE an outside person is asked ” which one is better, this one or that one.


Hilton Bellevue
Address: 300 112th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone(425) 455-1300
Those that has asked where to stay for StanceWars Seattle – here is the link for the rooms and our rooms block. Reminder Friday Night Indoor Meet- Concert will be held at this hotel as well where you can preview the #Top100 and listen to C89 Dj’s. Use the link below to BOOK NOW!

Book NOW

Afterparty ?

Each year we party after the event with food and drinks. Buy your ticket now and get app’s and two drinks. Must be 21 for these tickets.


Rehab Pool Party

Sunday 6-8PM – Henry Moses Aquatic Center Faith Marone host our adults only night at the pool. Slides, Wave pool and lazy river are just the right way to finish the weekend. Dj Mike Jones playing bangers.


When will we know ?

Our plan is SUNDAY & MONDAY  for notification. But plan on getting the day off , getting a hotel room and getting here for the weekend.