The building of an RSR RWB – PT 1

Story and photos - Mike Tolliver

A few weeks ago I found out that Christian Coujin was going to get another Rauh-Welt Begriff or RWB built by Nakai. If you are not familiar with RWB they are Porsche tuner from Japan that have combined Japanese and european tuning elements to make a distinct style called RWB. Most of these are seen on the Japanese racing circuit or select garages of people that the means to own one.



After contacting Christian after SEMA I asked politely if I can attend this next “Special” build. I say Special because this round Nakai wanted to build something very special for Christian. It would be an RSR for him, special because Nakai had only built one other. Christian told me, call me in a few weeks and I’ll know when we’ll be in Seattle to create this one. After a few weeks texts were made and I was given clear instructions by Christian. Please arrive on Sunday at 2PM sharp, after that I won’t be answering y phone to open the gate.


After arriving to the creation process I greeted my host and did a few handshakes around the room the other guests. After working years in IT I knew there are some cultural things that must be done to maintain my relationship with the host, see those below. I started to do what my goal was, observe and learn. My goal has two parts because of future plans I can’t reveal yet.


As Nakai cut through this near flawless 1990 Porsche the purist is screaming but the modded junky is getting very excited.

IMAG1600 IMAG1602

Now I’ve been here for about 2 hours and the build I think it going very fast, mainly because Nakai rarly stops , and if he does its to take a sip of coffee , smoke a cigarette and review in his mind what is next.


What you don’t cut your fenders off and sand a little ?


Master Nakai observing his work, Is it to high ? Well it was , it was lowered I think about 4 times while I was there in two days.

IMAG1639 IMAG1640

Nakai using “sicaflex” to bond the fenders and bumpers to the vehicle like flawless butter. It was interesting to note that all the products to build the car were from Japan. The glues, spray cans , bolts and nuts all from Japan.

IMAG1646 IMAG1648 IMAG1649

Now it’s about midnight in Seattle, Christian, Pete, Mark Arsenal sit and swap stories while drinking two fifths and Nakai continues to build well into the am.

Now stay tuned for part two …….

Cultural things to know

  1. Greet your host with same manners as he greets you. If he bows you bow to the same level and keep eye contact.
  2. If given a gift, such as a drink or food, never refuse this is sign of respect on the hosts part.
  3. Follow instructions as given, this is test.
  4. Do not bother a host or over shadow your host.
  5. Follow up with a thank you for a gift.