The building of an RSR RWB – PT 1


Story and photos - Mike Tolliver

A few weeks ago I found out that Christian Coujin was going to get another Rauh-Welt Begriff or RWB built by Nakai. If you are not familiar with RWB they are Porsche tuner from Japan that have combined Japanese and european tuning elements to make a distinct style called RWB. Most of these are seen on the Japanese racing circuit or select garages of people that the means to own one. Now on to part two.


I had some business to attend to this am and I was told that about 4pm the project should be near completion. As I arrive I notice a few new faces and several that were there the night before. the RWB is nearing completion and fenders look nearly done, maybe some sanding left.


Great attention is given to clearance and adjustments must be done until its right, once, twice , or three times.


Near perfect but still missing a few items from the layout table. No mirrors, no canards, stance is about right now. The battery is still dead but thats something we can fix quickly.


Nakai attacks the mirrors, note not holes after Matt welded them up and painted over them.


Nakia , making mental notes and being bothered for autographs while he sits. See more below about autographs.


Getting close its time to paint the Idlers logo


Surprise the Canadians are here to see Nakai as well.


and she is finished



Autographs and people

Now truly famous people that are humbled are always willing to give you a memento if you ask nicely. It bothered me to watch folks asking Nakai for his autograph when it was for random item like a cell phone or ducks hat. If you bought a RWB shirt, ask for an autograph out of respect but I also was bothered because Nakai works very hard, rarely stopping to sit or eat. But thats just me.