Thank you for letting me have a job like this

We’ve be planning to come to California for over 3 years now. We’ve rented so many locations but fate has never let us come yet. We hope that you enjoy the experience that we have put together in a short amount of time and I felt hat we should do it for FREE rather than have you pay for our experience. It might be what some of you are looking for, for others you will think that the shows you’ve been to are standard and are just fine with you.

Unlike so many out there we choose the best or best, we call it #Top100. We don’t use our car show guys to pay the rent on venues in fact we give the goodie bags stuffed with shirts , extra tickets and products from our sponsors. Then we give them room to be seen and get those crucial pictures or video clips at events. By choosing the best we get YOU to come to an event that has the very best cars being unveiled and those you haven’t seen. We get those traveling teams or individuals that want the best. No one is popular with us. 200 or 200k+ IG followers, it doesn’t matter. You’re still just a person with car in a show. We do things that other cant or wont do. Its simple – we listen to you expectations and try to give that performance.
Mike Tolliver // Owner // StanceWars

Read more at StanceWars.Com about how we do things and why its being done that way.


#Top100, IAMVIP & Show & Shine

#Top100 and IAMVIP – Normal parts of our shows –

  • #Top100 is a chosen quality selection. We only use 100 vehicles even if 500 apply- best of best rules. Those that don’t make it are given #Select status and an inside area to display and given a chance at some awards. FOUR judges review and give YES\NO – most yes’s make the #Top100 rest are #Select
  • IAMVIP is about being seen, Could be #Top100 but prefer not to worry about plastic awards.
  • Both are given special privileges and goodies

Show & Shine – NOT a normal part of our events

  • For SoCal we opened Show&Shine due to demand to be inside our show.
  • We’re created some awards for those that have registered.
  • We have refunded those that are way to far outside the cut line even for a show & shine
  • We INVITE you to apply in 2019 for #Top100 – A truly chosen status