It’s unfortunate that we were unable to make the trip from Seattle. Our team looked forward to the event and had high hopes for Texas this year, and we had a few surprises that we were doing . While its been an insane year with events in Vegas, Seattle and LA we’ve come to point that it doesn’t make sense to travel to Texas this November. We’ll continue to plan events, travel to shows and meet owners and put on shows but just not Texas this year. 98% of all tickets have been refunded as of this am and only six left to process manually since thy are past the 120 day mark. TheFoat is processing those and has sent emails to ticket owners.

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On a personal note –  its been a hard year for StanceWars. We’ve made extreme goals and achieved them. We’ve had record breaking success on so many things it hard to even think of what to do next. We’ve listened to our customers, friends and vendors to do what people want and what we want to show for an experience in locations. it’s better refund everyone and keep everyone happy then doing a sub par event with poor results. It’s unfortunate to make decisions that affect lives and happiness of friends and new friends from 2800+ miles away. Many of our families are in and from Texas, this means many of us wont make Thanksgiving with our families this year.