What do you do when the team supports you so well ? How do you reward them ? Cash only goes so far and many of the team do get some kind of compensation. But really I like to do experiences, things you can forget. hard to believe that 67% of americans don’t travel or have never left their state according to article I read. Even my wife Sally who runs our gates had never been farther than Yellowstone or Vegas. 

5 minute’s into LA 50’s chev on hydro’s

I told the team before Seattle StanceWars that we would hit Disney if the attendance grew over last years 10K mark. Little did I know that would really happen and the team would choose Universal theme park over Disney.

On Monday we all jumped in the van and headed to Hollywood for some adventure before our flight that night. We stopped for some Norm’s after discovering it after StanceWars LA at 1am and then we drove into deep LA traffic. We mostly kept together bu the drivers Sean and Zach got late start after moving the semi and merch trailers. We had most the day but Pat and Amy had to head to Kansas a little earlier then the Seattle team. Rene had to leave after a few rides due to LA traffic back to get his kiddo.

byt about 5pm we had to hed to LAX for the ride home and the drivers needed to pull out the 18hr trip home as well. It was a great trip, fun show and a awesome experience for friends that make up the staff here at StanceWars. Now we just have to do it again in a few weeks for Texas. Just forty six days till Texas !!!!!

StanceWars Texas

Nov 16-18th
Register today — https://goo.gl/ww3obH
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