StanceWars | Simply Clean 2015

Words and Photos - Yomar Lopez

From so many shows happening in Florida there’s always one show that speaks the most and not only leaves the people that missed it drooling, but it also makes the spectators who attended wishing to relive it all over again. Simply Clean hosted in beautiful Destination Daytona Inn Resort left everyone talking after the high amount of exotic builds and famous media celebrities.

StanceWars YL_115-20

The advantage of the show being in the hotel makes everyone feel safe with their rides and encourages everyone to enjoy the weekend along with friends. On Friday night, Simply Clean hosted a meet at the Buffalo Wild Wings which led to a successful meet and greet on a chill environment with the introduction of a great weekend.

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Once everyone had wrapped it up at the buffalo meet, double cup boyz were also having a pre meet near the Daytona pier. Even though the quality of rides where impeccable the poor lighting in the lot caused it to crashed and called it a night.

StanceWars YL_72-83

Most people went off to start a weekend of Photoshoots and exposures while others preferred to crack the cans open and begin with a memorable weekend. A lot when on that Friday night, the amount of addresses shared, numbers interchanged and here and there was just ridiculous.

StanceWars YL_70-81

StanceWars YL_15-25

Saturday the 15th was the day simply clean hosted their massive show, featuring vehicles from all over the east coast and some that took their chances from the west. Bad quality crew showcased their most hottest collection of s chassis, air lift had their sponsored vehicles along their great collection of air suspensions, simply clean kept a line at their booth the whole day and many other booths and groups where there doing what they do best. Saturday night concluded with a festival of parties, drinking and having a great time.

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High tides obstructed us almost the entire morning on Sunday morning. The wind was so extreme that sand piles were forming across the streets. That didn’t stopped us from continue doing what we can do. We kept finding ways on how to get into the shore but it looked almost impossible. Luckily we managed to find a broken gate which gave us the opportunity of taking them into the shots and capture as much as we can. Overall simply clean is definitely a weekend show that it leaves us talking about it for months. No other show can put to get her such a well class category on a venue with a great scenery. Dont miss part two tomorrow.


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