StanceWars | Simply Clean 2015 – Part Too

Words and Photos - Yomar Lopez

From so many shows happening in Florida there’s always one show that speaks the most and not only leaves the people that missed it drooling, but it also makes the spectators who attended wishing to relive it all over again. Simply Clean hosted in beautiful Destination Daytona Inn Resort left everyone talking after the high amount of exotic builds and famous media celebrities.
The advantage of the show being in the hotel makes everyone feel safe with their rides and encourages everyone to enjoy the weekend along with friends. Wanna see Devin Dee’s Photos ?

StanceWars YL_1-2 StanceWars YL_2-30 StanceWars YL_3-38 StanceWars YL_6-69 StanceWars YL_9-100 StanceWars YL_13-23 StanceWars YL_15-25

StanceWars YL_16-26 StanceWars YL_19-29 StanceWars YL_20-31 StanceWars YL_25-35 StanceWars YL_42-50 StanceWars YL_47-55 StanceWars YL_51-60 StanceWars YL_52-61 StanceWars YL_58-67 StanceWars YL_62-72 StanceWars YL_63-73 StanceWars YL_71-82 StanceWars YL_75-84 StanceWars YL_77-86 StanceWars YL_85-95 StanceWars YL_89-99 StanceWars YL_91-102 StanceWars YL_93-104 StanceWars YL_94-105 StanceWars YL_100-4 StanceWars YL_102-6 StanceWars YL_103-7 StanceWars YL_104-8 StanceWars YL_105-9