Although we were hoping to continue with StanceWars LasVegas as scheduled, we are ready to announce that we will push this event to May of 2021. Let’s be honest, the idea of “StanceWars” or a “show” was out the window since social distancing measures were put in place. Yesterday we spoke to our venue and put a plan in place for a possible smaller event “meet” and move “the show” to next spring. We appreciate everyone’s patience in this very uncertain time. Our decision will release funds as I’m sure a few folks need the extra money for a meal or tank of gas.

I’d like to thank Toyo TiresGriot’s GarageKormodivRentJDM and all the other sponsors and vendors for holding tight with us. We’ll be back in 2021 stronger then ever #VegasStrong

We hope you and your families are all safe. –