StanceWars Group – Fitment is Key – Tanner Van Horn

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Second in our series to show you sweet dailies that we find in our Facebook Group – Fitment is Key . You can join the group and show us what your building , have or to ask questions. Help is click away. But we do screen you as you enter to insure your intentions are the same as ours and to get the spam down.

Recently I saw Tanner Van Horn on our Facebook Group – Fitment is Key and asked to get a few pictures to feature here. Here is the result.

Why this car?  I chose this car because I come from a Ford family. Almost my entire family currently/or has worked for Ford. I also love the entire SVT lineup Ford had during that time.

How many cars have you built?  This was really my first car that I had built. I’ve had this car since I was 16. It stayed stock for about 2 years.


What was the hardest to do on this car?  The hardest thing about this car would probably be the air ride. Not too many focus builds include air ride. So I was pretty much on my own.

What do people NOT notice on this car ? That’s a tough question. But one thing people don’t notice is probably that it’s an SVT. Tons of people didn’t know Ford made an SVT focus. I get asked all the time what body kit I have on it and etc. It’s all factory.

If you did this again what WOULD YOU NOT do?  One thing I would not do if I redid this build would probably go with a 2 door SVT focus. I love my 4 door but the 2 door is so much better looking.


What do you think of people copying you? Faltering or hate it   I hate when people copying each other. I was always told, be yourself. How can you be yourself when you’re trying to be like the guy down the street? It really irritates me seeing someone doing the same thing I’m doing.

Who inspired you to do this?  My buddy Jacob Creamer (jdc02) inspired me with his SVT. His was super clean when I first got mine. We eventually became friends and built two sexy SVT focus’.

What is your dream car ?   My dream car is the 2016 Ford focus RS. It’s just a sexy design along with power. I’d love to own one eventually.


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