StanceWars 2015

Photos and Words by Dominic Wilkerson

After seeing the event down in Las Vegas, the scene started buzzing about the Seattle event. There was so much buzz and anticipation that the #Top100 entries had over 200 people enter. Needless to say, dwindling down the cars to just 100 was a tough task to do for Mike and his group of judges.

Just like many car events here in the PNW, people traveled from all over.


Damien Grant and his crew, SlamBros, drove 740 miles from Sacramento. “I loved it.” Grant said. “It was great to put so many faces to names. The quality of cars was amazing. It was also a blast to work with many talented photographers while I was there.”

The event had almost 10 thousand people say they were coming to it. The event volunteers moved the hundreds of cars through the parking garage complex at the same time handing out the goody bags to each car.

One of the best part of the roll in was watching the cars try to make it over the speed tables that Bellevue College has on their road. Miatas set perfectly on top of them with out any problems at all.


While shooting the roll in, I finally got to meet up with Zach Wingfield. This man travels all over the world filming amazing cars and to finally have a chat with him made the work worth it.

“StanceWars is one of the more exciting shows I look forward to each year because of the people and the culture it brings together.” Wingfield said. “Everybody seems to support each other. It’s not much a competition as it is a place for people to meet, hang out, and inspire one another. I never want the venue to change, it adds an incredible aesthetic for the photos and films that are created.”

Wingfield was scooting around on his skateboard with his camera getting footage for the video that he teamed up with Krispy to bring us.

Wingfield also mentioned “As far as the cars go, I think we’ve seen it all at this point. I like when people strive to be different and surprise everybody with their own unique flavor. It also helps add a lot of energy to the films I enjoy creating.”
Food trucks kept everyone fed with food from all over. The fresh made lemonade was on point.

There were cars parked on nearly every level of the parking garage. Each level seemed to have it’s own show with crews putting up their banners and flying their colors proudly. The venue was packed tight with spectators, even more than last year. The dyno was going with it’s own crowd out in the parking lot.

At the end of it all, the awards was handed out.


Maxx Bacon came out on top with Best Stance.

“If I had to describe the event in one word it would be surreal.” Bacon said. “ StanceWars is the show in Washington that everyone wants to win. It didn’t hit me until a day later when I started seeing everyone posting up pictures of my car saying ‘winner winner’. I felt like all my hard work had finally came thru. I felt proud of myself.”

The next event will be down in Las Vegas again in April 2016. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

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