SpringFest Seattle 2019 | Stancewars – BrenKova Visuals (4K)

BrenKova Visuals

This was my first time shooting a big car show like this. I wanted to be a little different this time maybe stand out. I decided not to use my gimbal and go handheld with my new cage. Its smooth but with a organic feel. I had a lot of fun meeting new faces and reconnecting with familiar. I just love seeing and hearing about everyone’s builds, im so thankful for the people at Stancewars that put their blood, sweat and tears into these events because without them these events wouldn’t be possible. Sometimes we can take these events for granted because its looks like just a bunch of cars in a parking lot but i see much more. Cant wait for the next one! Follow my work, i want to do car shows a lot more! If anyone is also interested in private shoots of their car HMU!