Matt from DriftCon and I had a great meeting yesterday to go over what went wrong and what went right at SpringFest Seattle this year. It’s safe to say that many of the issues stemmed from not being prepared for 2-3 times the number of people expected.

We need much better traffic management with a hired police presence. We need at least double the amount of bathrooms on site spread across the venue. We need to have more food trucks. We need more staff inside the venue FILLING the spots in an orderly manner.

As event producers we are our biggest critics. This event didn’t meet our standards and obviously didn’t match what you expected from us.

We’ve already started brainstorming for 2019. How do we turn something negative into a positive?

– Do we find an even bigger venue with more entrances?
– Can we make Wild Waves work if we partner with the city to make sure traffic isn’t an issue?
– Do we abandon the season opener idea altogether?
– Do we go big and rent a racetrack? We could have a huge meet with drag racing and burnouts in a safe environment.

We’re just 2 guys with a handful of staff/volunteers trying to do cool events for the community. Sometimes you try something different and strike out. This was one of those times and know that we can do better next time.

Lastly, if this was your first time experiencing either of our events we do recommend checking out DriftCon or StanceWars. These are both established and do not have any of the issues we had at this event. Direct feedback can be sent to Mike @

Thank you,
-Mike & Matt