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I’m very proud to announce that Toyo Tires is joining us at our Las Vegas Fitment event and our national series. Officially Toyo will be giving out a “Best on Toyo Tires Award”.
Established in 1966, Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. represents the innovation, quality, performance, and excellent service that Toyo Tires has delivered worldwide for more than 70 years.
They offer a complete selection of premium replacement tires for nearly every make and model including light trucks, SUVs, high performance cars, and luxury vehicles, as well as commercial trucks. Many of theses tires are built here in the United States at our state-of-the-art factory in Bartow County, Georgia. www.toyotires.com


Griot’s Garage started out, quite conveniently, in my garage back in 1988. Being frustrated at the lack of high quality products to set up the perfect garage, whether that included the finest car care to take care of my vehicles, or a concrete floor paint that didn’t lift up when you drove over it, no one was offering it. Two years went by and I said, “I can’t believe no one else is entering this market! Everyone seems to be excluding the guy that eats, sleeps and squanders his hard earned cash on cars… and there is no one there to offer high quality products to fan the flames of his passion!!!

So here we were, in 1990, selling everything an automotive enthusiast would want and items that they didn’t even know existed! So in October 1990, we introduced to the catalog buying world, the first padded lay-down creeper. You probably find this hard to believe, but 23 years ago uncomfortable wooden creepers, with steel wheels that wouldn’t roll over anything, was the norm! We also offer non-lifting garage floor paint, environmentally friendly car care, and unique, quality tools from Europe that were unavailable here in the States. www.griotsgarage.com 


We are very proud to announce our first tour sponsor for #Twenty18 at #StanceWars@headlights_nw is our official lighting partner this year. Luke & team will be providing our customers with a chance at fully custom lighting. Also they will be touring with us to Las Vegas, Seattle , New Jersey & Texas

Luke and his team makes custom headlights and taillights and other electronic products for your car. This truly makes your car unique. After touring the facility and seeing the products and custom things that they’re doing for show vehicles and consumer trade organizations it was a very easy decision for me. Find our more at Headlights NW

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/headlights_nw

Website http://www.headlightsnw.com

StanceWars Seattle Presented with H&R Special Springs

I’d like to welcome H&R Special Springs, LP. back to StanceWars Seattle 2018 for the 2nd year. We were able to start a relationship for 2017 and we’ll continue it moving for with 2018 and I hope 2019 as well. Also H&R will be attending a few other shows we’re involved with like Sophisticated Euro.

H&R. Premium Quality Suspension Components.

The H&R philosophy is simple and effective: To manufacture the best suspension products, using only the highest grade materials, and then back all of our products with unparalleled customer service. This philosophy has made H&R what it is today – the industry leader in high performance, quality suspension components. Be it on the street or on the track, H&R has become synonymous with consistent, proven suspension performance and quality.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hrspringslp

Website http://www.hrsprings.com

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Give your car a custom touch that will set it apart from the rest. We offer full customization for all makes and models to make your car fit your style. Whether you’re going for an OEM Plus look, or full custom, we’ve got you covered. From small touches like shift boots, e-brake handles and trim, to custom built and shaped seats, we can do it all. If your aftermarket seats don’t complement the rest of the car, let us take care of it—we’re happy to match your new seat to your car’s interior https://www.nwcraftedinteriors.com





Air-Zenith is a world-class manufacturer for high performance 12-Volt 200-psi air ride compressors, air suspension parts and accessories. A sophisticated, modern internal operation provides the highest level of quality & cost control, while still allowing for flexibility to meet customer’s needs as they arise. air-zenith.com


Engineer Claude Pemberton and Oldsmobile Toronado developer Don Perkins started Air Lift Company in Lansing, Michigan in 1949. Post-war automotive fascination meant that families were crisscrossing the country in their cars, usually loaded down with kids and luggage—causing the springs to sag badly. With this in mind, Air Lift Company set out to build a suspension that would not only help support an overloaded vehicle, but would also improve ride quality and safety…a state of mind that Air Lift still adheres to today.
In the late ‘90s, the Easy Street division of Air Lift was born with a focus on lowered custom vehicles. Now, you could enjoy a lowered stance, but have the ability to raise the car at any moment in order to clear obstacles. At the time, full air suspension took the mini-truck world by storm, and Air Lift was on the cutting edge with compressor system technology and air springs the market had never before experienced. As the popularity of full air suspension grew, Air Lift developed air struts, finally giving consumers a viable alternative to coilovers or lowering springs.
After several years of success, the Easy Street name was dropped in favor of Air Lift Performance, a name that reflected the heritage of Air Lift’s racing success. Along with the name change, Air Lift Performance became as dedicated to improving handling performance as it was to dropping cars to pavement-skimming stance. Countless hours of testing in Air Lift Performance’s state-of-the-art lab—coupled with on-track testing—has led to air suspension products that are on par with today’s best coilover brands, but with one huge advantage: the ability to raise and lower the car with the push of a button.