Photos and words by Mike Tolliver

Its another amazing weekend and I’m on a plane coming back from Atlanta and #southernwortheresee . This year of travel has just begun and I’m blessed with great people that surround me. How do you describe a weekend with 24,000 European enthusiasts that are just looking for a place to hang out. This is #SOWO.

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I hate to leave Seattle, especially on an event filed weekend like this one #HIN #HID. How do I do it, I have to focus on the river ahead and not just the dock.  Now back to southern worthersee story. Its Thursday and I’ve washed 500 event shirts to just take 3 great shirt from my closet to #sowo with me. I’ve been fighting with Facebook for days and tired of it. Friday am and Its time for a long place ride to #atl . With a direct flight on #Delta ( please see this and give us some free miles) we board an new Boeing 737 900er , damm this plane is nice. With four and half hours of hand crushing by my wife ( lets just say we rocked an rolled to #atl) we landed. Off to Alamo for a rental and drive to Hellen.Nothing like a BMW rental and great country roads of Georgia.



Its amazing , southern hospitality with German charm we stroll the streets with thousands looking at some of the best eastcoast cars we can find. Booths everywhere and lots of our friends we finally got to meet in person. Like matt from LoweredLifestyle , Roscoe from ilovedrivingslow , Zane from BradaWheels and the slammedenuff guys . I cant forget meeting the folks from SimplyClean the owners of the next east coast event we will be attending in the fall. Mark sure you check out parts 2 -3 and 4.


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