Take a minute to ready and understand

Roll in Information

A word from Mike

Take a minute to read and understand so you don’t hinder yourself at our event. Respect is earned and gained by actions. Times are the time you need to arrive, arriving early you’re in the way and taking time away from others or slowing the process.

Here is when to show up

Please use your arrival time to be patient as we bring vehicles into our experience and give each person their minute to ask a question and get into position.

  • Vendors and sponsors NOON -3PM ONLY
  • Previous #Top100 –  2PM 
  • IAMVIP & Show & Shine – 3PM 
  • Public gate is 4PM to 8PM DUSK

Less is more here, need more information StanceWars.Com

Find Out More
Use South Baldwin Ave or ( Gate 8) or Huntington Drive (Gate 3) to arrive for our event

#Top100, IAMVIP & Show & Shine

#Top100 and IAMVIP – Normal parts of our shows –

  • #Top100 is a chosen quality selection. We only use 100 vehicles even is 500 apply- best of best rules. Those that don’t make it are given #Select status and a inside area to display and given a chance at some awards. FOUR judges review and give YES\NO – most yes make the #Top100rest atre #Select
  • IAMVIP is about being seen, Could be #Top100 but prefer not to worry about plastic awards.
  • Both are given special privileges and goodies

Show & Shine – NOT a normal part of our events

  • For SoCal we opened Show&Shine due to demand to be inside our show.
  • We’re created some awards for those that have registered.
  • We have refunded ONE that was to far outside the cut line even for a show & shine
  • We INVITE you to apply in 2019 for #Top100 – A truly chosen status 
We are a lifestyle and its #Ourlife – We’re bring 23 different shirts and 145 $5 items from airfresh to lanyards for you to choose from. No one does it better than us. Our mobile store ha items that are only for California and never online .