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Well going back to last summer Wayne Raqueno told me he would be doing something on his own. If you don’t know Wayne he is one half of HIN, but there is some back story that we’re not going to tell you. But Wayne came out the NorthWest and has always loved the place.  So back he came for Tuned Originals. Is is similar to HIN ? Well, kinda, but its all the good and none of the lameness.  I’ve known Wayne for a several years. He’s one the nicest most humble guys you’ve ever met. I think thats way so many of us like Wayne. Last year we even posted a April fool joke that I worked out with Wayne that he was joining StanceWars. But thats all in the past.  StanceWars came out, did a booth thing, brought the GROM to show off and looked over the cars. Dereck Chinn  Snapped way better shots than I did so lets use those. Go hit his FB & IG please. Today I sat down with the guys and Wayne for lunch and chats, some great people. -mike