So here is what you didn’t see , the look though the event owners eyes

Words by Mike Tolliver

As an event promoter and a event planner it’s important to have a smooth feeling , exciting event that looks well planned. But behind the scenes there are lots of things going wrong and not working as planned. I’m not perfect, my events aren’t perfect but you might think they are. So I thought I would take five minutes to outline what we missed.


First and most important to me was the stage. I really wanted the stage of my dreams but I wasn’t able to move fast enough to get trussing from China before StanceWars. I was about two weeks behind. We were able to get a 48 foot sponsor banner, bring our new semi ( Project Frieghtshaker ) and 16×16 foot stage to start the new layout. I just wanted gobo lights, flashing TV’s and a few other surprises, always next year or Vegas.


Next was something I wanted to give back to the #Top100 folks, our VIP lounge. ( see the roped off area above) You might have seen it on the top floor all roped off and nothing in there. Our intention was to provide a place for Top100 owners to be with free refreshments and entertainment. Our stopping point was we came up short in volunteers and cash the day of the event and this idea was put on hold for the second year. Couches weren’t rented or bought but planning is ready to make it happen.


More Sponsor branding, we had 10 wall sized (8ft by 20ft) banners designed but we could not get them done in time for the size we wanted. This was my poor planning, and now that I know we won’t have that problem again. Must order three weeks in advance for these sizes and have cash to do so.

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I wasn’t able to have the StanceWars company car ready in time, but the show is way more important and I was able to leave the event, put on wheels and drive back before I was missed. Wait for FD is all I can say. Thank you to #becausebags – Sprint Autoworks , Art in Motion Wheels , Wrapjax and Auburn VW for all working so hard and countless hours for greatness.

The number one thing I failed at this year was stopping the event to yell at some folks that were revving their cars for amusement. The very next day my wife asked me what what was wrong, you had an amazing show. I replied I feel horrible for calling out the two guys for revving. I’ve said sorry to one chap but the guy in parking lot 1B revving his RS4 sorry man I was stressed and was being urged by security to do more to control that situation. There was also a security alert that I won’t go into but I had hoped that our event would be respected more. Maybe we’ll make it part of the event next year.

I’m not perfect, the staff isn’t perfect, things happen and life goes on. The intention is to have an event unlike the others, I believe that we have done that and will continue to push toward that in the future with you our customers.-mike

The next article is the feedback article and I encourage you to provide feedback to our events and others to get what you want as a consumer. –mike