Words & Img Mike Tolliver

Guys I attend shows for a lot of different reasons, sometime to peek a competitor, something to see a venue, or to work in a booth and very few times to just hangout. This was purely to hang out and see the classics.

Upon arrival we knew we had to remote park at a lot a few minutes away, grated by event staff we started to notice the love of Porsche once you got into the lot. After a few minutes we were headed on a private transport for the event. Nothing says calls like a fleet of price busses in LA.

Once we arrived at new lumber yard of Ganahl Lumber Company we could quickly see this was going to be great day willed with cars, people and enjoyment. There were a few booth some sponsors like Pirelli , Porsche, and Hagerty Classic Cars . I snapped this shot of living room for Porsche.


Nothing like a row of RS Americas (above)

Can you say Speedweek in the 50’s

 oh snap is that Bernie M Chacon ? Ive know Bernie since the 90’s as we traveled to european shows in SoCal. He had a few shows like #socaleuro and #occupybigbear . This was going to be a long day of bumping into folks at the show. Wasn’t long after this I ran into Andrew from StanceWorks. 

oh snap this red one with new Rotiform Wheels is owned by Jason Whipple

When waiting to chat with Marc and his 356 from florida that I follow in IG (above) I snapped a quick pic of Mark Arcenal who I met at RWB build a few years back. Head of Fatlace and a lot of interests hes a great guy. We chatted a few time throughout the day while viewing cars in the yard. #fatlace


Another famous face that Matt from #fifteen52 that I’ve know 20+ year from SoCal shows are well. I hear Matt has a new Porsche but didn’t get a chance to see it  yup thats one of two , although both where there , I didn’t get a chance to chat I was headed to the beer garden and everyone else was headed to “hear” the race car firing up. #canibeat

The show was inane, I’ll be back to visit again soon. Of course I ran into Christian, Duck and the rest of the RWB Boys who were headed to a private dinner for the RWB build that week. I got to see John from #Derfaszination as well. The rest of the day I hung out with my best friend and headed to #lawrys for a #beefbowl. Since Q1 was over and I wanted to chat with Rene about our upcoming “LA Experience” and return to Vegas in October.