SEMA Coverage – Day TWO

Words and photos - Mike Tolliver

Its not your average Tuesday , it’s a SEMA Tuesday and the show is just getting started. I hear that this year SEMA hit 175,000 attendees on this day. StanceWars is on a mission , you get you some great coverage and find us a few great partners for twenty sixteen. Our first stop is Griots Garage booth to see some old faces and new products. I hear that StanceWars will be handing out more samples in twenty sixteen.


As we turn the corner we run right into this famous Smart from LA and you have to question your self, would you drive this daily ? I know I would.


A few steps down the isle we snap this heavy fendered beauty with a sweet livery.


Next on the list was AirLift Performance. Air ride is one everyone’s minds and we had to stop and see the new H3 from AirLift. I know many of us will be upgrading this year and many more will start with this new platform. I sure hope that AirLift and StanceWars will be doing big things this year.

_MG_7738 _MG_7739 _MG_7740



Crossing between halls we run into a few sexy rides.

_MG_7749 _MG_7750 _MG_7752

Next stop is Sparta Evolution, Seattle’s own Big Brake Manufacture. We need to work harder and getting these guys into our events and get those products on our builds.


Do you know the famous owner for this sexy Datsun Dime ?


Now we had to make a B line for the Airrex booth and see the amazing booth cars like JJ’s GTR, Marshals Airrex’s Hawaiian Orange Taxi, Naughty Libertywalk Lambo and a big bad LibertyWalk blue.

_MG_7771 _MG_7773 _MG_7777 _MG_7779 _MG_7783 _MG_7784 _MG_7787

Big Flared new 2016 Ford Mustang’s are everywhere.


Now over at the Honda booth we run into the latest Tjin Edition creation.

_MG_7807 _MG_7808 _MG_7809

Now over to Ford booth and if you didn’t know Ford has the largest indoor booth and largest outdoor area. We aren’t interested in them all just one , the RS Focus and these just make you smile. Props to fifteen52 for the wheel placement.

_MG_7816 _MG_7817

Now this is some serious heat. This stunning wide body Porsche in off white grabbed our attention. Its understated heat for sure. There are thousands of cars at SEMA and anyone I told about this ride all knew what I was talking about.

_MG_7829 _MG_7830

Now one to some local celbs with James and his beast in the Zito booth. While it’s not completed to James concept its well on its way.


The turntable for this Forgiato LibertyWalk  Sex machine turned slow and steady and we watched for twenty minutes.


Now we saw this kitted up Mercedes last year and she still makes my pants tight. One day , one day.


I was told this was carved, but to be it looks like a double wrap to get that 3D look.


This is how to spend the evening, with five of the sexiest RWB rides in the show. We visited this booth a dozen times over the week talking with friends and owners.


Becoming more popular these Stanced out infiniti’s are the rage.