SEMA Coverage – Day THREE

Words and photos - Mike Tolliver

So Tuesday night ended with the Vossen wheel party at Mandarin Oriental, let’s say the new wheels were amazing and we weren’t allowed to take photos, but when you see them, you’ll know why. (I’;ve  seen a few party pics) Also this meant the drinks where flowing and it was a late night for us. Huge shout to Mike and Sam for the invite and hospitality. Wednesday we awake to surprise. It’s raining in Vegas and its hella cold. So cold as I look out the windows I see snow on the mountain tops. We start a little later than normal but that’s cool our feet hurt so bad from the thousands of steps we’ve taken in just two days and the night before.


So do you know the story behind this White #AF NSX that is pure sex ? Its from cali and it was blue a month ago. Either way auto fashion has it looking sexy as fuck.


On our mission today I see this blue chrome 2016 Mustang. I must tell you I don’t really like Ford mustangs but these new 2016 setup right really get my juices following.


Our meeting at R1 Concepts Wednesday really showed us what they are like. These guys are amazing, I cant wait for 2016 with them. Planning a trip soon to see you location in cali in the new year.

_MG_7915 _MG_7912

Slammed and wide , you can’t beat a sexy BMW like that. I think we really need to think about a BMW for next year.


Wondering to the next meeting I point out a Gatling gun on top of this outfitted truck. Speaking of trucks this year we’ve seen a ton of trucks. Normally there are a lot of truck this year seems to even be more.


You can’t handle Get Nuts Lavatory drift cars, of course we had to stop and see the booth and look at the gear. I heard we had just missed our main man Forest.


We always say be different, and if you’re cruising around in this wildness you’ll be noticed for sure.


Can you dream of a BMW roadster that is this fine ? One of the reasons for SEMA , dreams.


While meeting with Toyo Tires I had to snap a few shots of this hot 599 Ferrari on gold Savini wheels.


On the way to the new temporary hall in the new lot we stopped at the Need for Speed tent to snap a quick pic of this amazing RWB Porsche. If you didn’t pick up on the RWB factor this year you aren’t paying attention.


Just past the VIP Modular booth we find this gem. Its Dom Ferraro’s car. If you remember Dom from this summer you’ll notice a fast color change for SEMA via Imperial Works. More about Dom’s car in his feature coming very soon.


I spy a magnuson  drift bunny and few others here at the end of the hall.


_MG_7975 _MG_7977

Yeah you thinking scissor doors are so yesterday but not on this.